Hi, I have uploaded some PowerPoints that might be of use for 5th or 6th year Business classes starting off. If anyone is looking for a new book for LC Business this book that accompanies these PPTs is the most up to date on the market. 👉https://educate.ie/…/ahead-business-activity-exam-abq-book

Self Correcting Tests! Click the Links to access ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»

Microsoft Forms Quiz/Assignment

A School Office 365 Account is needed to be able to duplicate the Forms/Quizzes

Students can be given the 1st link in Forms (note add a question with no marks for students to enter their name) or my preference is to create an Assignment/quiz in Teams.

5th yr. LCVP Link Modules Exam

1st yr. Business Exam

2nd yr. Business Exam

3rd yr. Business Exam

5th yr. Business Exam