Skype – A- Thon


Skype in the classroom is a great way for students to have virtual visits in and visits out for the L.C.V.P. Link Modules, business and coding, and it is very good for the C.S.P.E. class. Collaboration with schools around the world offers a unique opportunity for students in Irish schools.

I hope to book some calls and watch some virtual tour in the coming weeks, and I will keep you posted on the outcomes. Skype-A-Thon will be held next week, so it is a good time to start.

Skype-A-Thon is a global learning event that makes it possible for students to virtually travel around the world and connect beyond the classroom.

This year Skype-A-Thon is on November 28-29, the aim is to travel 10 million virtual miles to make new friends, open hearts and open minds in order to create a kinder, more compassionate world!

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